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One of my neighbors doesn't quite throw things out

This is one of the houses on my street.  And this is what it usually looks like.  Trash seeping out of the windows and doors and is usually streamed all over the street.  Sometimes there is a broom, but I’m not sure what the use is.  Sometimes there is no trash at all.  And sometimes there is way more than this.  I wish I had caught the house on an “overload” day, but you take what you can get!


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My neighbor and his best friend

My neighbor absolutely loves his rooster.  He takes him for walks.  He brushes his feathers.  He watches him play in the grass and carries him around like he’s his best friend.  Its like this bird is a dog!  I have never seen anything like it!

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My adorable neighbor taking her twin siblings for a stroll

I am leaving Lang Suan in a few days and I’m already becoming nostalgic.  I am really going to miss this town.  I’m going to miss my adorably cute neighbors no matter how early they wake me up in the morning or how loud they scream.  You don’t get a neighborhood like this twice.  Even though I can’t have a conversation with them, they have still welcomed me with their smiles and friendliness.  It has been so amazing and I am truly going to miss my street, despite the crowing roosters and the constant clamor of the train tracks.

I’ve absolutely loved it here!

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A common picture in Thailand - drying fruit on the side of the street!

Disgusting to me (I can’t stand Bananas), but in Thailand you can regularly find fruit and other foods drying on the side of the road.  These bananas happened to be at the end of my road and I received a few odd looks from the cooks at my favorite restaurant on the corner as I shot the fruit.  I figured they’d be used to the farang walking around with a camera on her hip all the time!

I’m going to miss this town!!

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Waiting for our train that was almost 5 hours late!! Only in Thailand!

These girls had the right idea!

Coming back from Singapore I decided to take the train back to Lang Suan from Hat Yai.  Bad idea.  Not only was the train late.  It was FIVE hours late and instead of getting in at 9:30 I arrived at 2 in the morning!  I was thankful that I had invested in the sleeper train instead of the 3rd class sitting train!! Well, I was thankful that that happened to be the only seat left!! At least I made it home after an extremely long day of waiting!! 

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The manager at Bangkok Bank hanging out with a lot of cash

I headed over to Bangkok Bank today to make a withdrawal for my trip to Malaysia tonight.  I put my bank card in, guessed which button to push (beacuse for some reason it was all in Thai with no English option) and went for the “quick cash” option.  It acknowledged the transaction and spit my card out.  Little problem.  No money came out.  I checked again to make sure I wasn’t crazy and yes, I confirmed…still no money.  I had a mini panic attack because I wasn’t sure if it had charged my account for that 10,000 baht and because I know absolutely no Thai, I worried that I wasn’t going to be able to communicate the problem.

Luckily, the manager of the bank spoke pretty good English and I was able to tell him that I did not get my money.  I then waited with the growing crowd outside the bank and had the privilege of watching him put more money into the ATM, which was fun since I have never seen how it was done before. 

Exciting day at Bangkok Bank in Lang Suan!

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The cutest thing in the world!!

The most adorable neighbor of mine posing for me.  Ugh I hate the language barrier!  I would love to joke around and play with these kids but they don’t speak my language!!  Its hard getting to know kids or even making them feel comfortable when all you know is hello.  I guess funny faces and chasing them around the street will have to do!

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