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Fire built on the beach in Ko Jum

I decided I wanted to start playing around with the ISO and I was pleased by how this shot came out.  I love what the lens flare does for the picture and how bright the fire is.  I shot the fire in multiple different ISOs and I just loved the oranges and reds that came from the ISO 1600. 

That fire was HOT!

Traveler twirling flames

One of the travelers staying at my bungalow, Bo Daeng, had brought along these fire twirling thingys.  (I’m not quite sure of the technical term, but I’m pretty sure thats not it).  When the fire started to die down, him and his girlfriend put on a little show for the rest of the travelers.  It was really amazing!  The guy actually hit himself a few times and I cringed, but he just laughed it off and kept twirling! 

I loved this picture because it gave a pretty clear picture of him.  The other ones I took were overtaken by the fire, which was amazing, but I liked that this showed the person behind the fire!


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A couple at sunset on Ko Jum

I probably took 50 pictures of the sunset over my weekend on Ko Jum and this was one of my favorites.  I loved that the man was reaching out to grab his girlfriend/wife’s hand and they hadn’t quite touched yet.  It just had a very romantic feel to it.  Gotta love the beautiful sunset on a tropical beach!

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Rubber Trees on Ko Jum

On the hike into town, the path meanders past multiple rubber tree farms.  Last time I was here, the gates were closed and I wasn’t into intruding in a country where I’ll have no idea what they’re yelling.  This time, they were open.  So I figured they were just inviting me in anyways. 

I have been meaning to start fiddling around with White Balance and thought this was a great place to do it.  Using the Cloudy white balance setting, I was able to get the true feeling of the forest, somewhat heavenly or fantasylike.  I loved it!  I’m going to keep playing around with white balance more!

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On the Beach of Ko Jum

This guy must live for Frisbee.  I came upon him and Alan throwing the frisbee around for twenty minutes or so and then he was called for dinner.  Alan went to go take a nap, and soon enough he comes running out with his frisbee looking for more action.  He asks me if my friend is around and I told him he might be later.  The interaction had the feeling of “Can Alan come out to play?!”  It was so cute!  He proceeded to throw the frisbee around with himself for awhile, a feat that I had no idea was possible, but with this guy armed with a frisbee, anything is possible. 

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