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An atypical uncrowded ride on the Singapore MRT

The Singapore MRT is usually a crowded mess.  People are fighting for spots to stand let alone stand.  It has also been a place where I have witnessed some great altruism.  On the walls, there are signs saying please give your seat up to the elderly, pregnant women, and the injured.  Honestly, in America, people would probably ignore these signs.  But on one of my many trips on the train, I observed, on a few different instances, youth giving up their seat to older people out of respect.  I thought this was amazing and it said a lot about the Chinese culture (the one’s I saw do this were all Chinese).


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The Bridge to the Southern Most point of Continental Asia

Sentosa Island is a small island off of Singapore.  It is full of resorts and amusement parks and most importantly, beautiful beaches.  Off of Sentosa, there is another small island attached by the above bridge.  Apparently, this little island is the most Southern part of Continental Asia!  Pretty cool!

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Some colorful trinkets in Chinatown

Exploring Chinatown in Singapore!  I tried some walnut paste and some Chendol snow ice (Chinese deserts) for the first time and they were delicious!

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The Singapore Skyline at night from the Esplanade

On my first night in Singapore we went to dinner on Orchard street and then walked over to the Esplanade where we were faced with a gorgeous view of the Singapore skyline.  It was so beautiful and I fell in love with the city right away!

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