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On my Phi Phi island day trip

Yes, I didn say “chillaxing”, beacuse that’s how I felt when I saw this scene in front of me! 

I have been wanting to see Phi Phi for a long time and on my last weekend in Krabi I decided to go for it!  In this picture, I am relaxing in Maya Bay, the bay featured in Leonardo DeCaprio’s “The Beach.”  It didn’t quite look like it did in the movie.  The hundreds of half naked tourists and lines of longtail and speed boats on the coast only slightly ruined the allure of the gorgeous bay.  I just tried to picture it without all the people and it was absolutely breathtaking!


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Fire built on the beach in Ko Jum

I decided I wanted to start playing around with the ISO and I was pleased by how this shot came out.  I love what the lens flare does for the picture and how bright the fire is.  I shot the fire in multiple different ISOs and I just loved the oranges and reds that came from the ISO 1600. 

That fire was HOT!

Traveler twirling flames

One of the travelers staying at my bungalow, Bo Daeng, had brought along these fire twirling thingys.  (I’m not quite sure of the technical term, but I’m pretty sure thats not it).  When the fire started to die down, him and his girlfriend put on a little show for the rest of the travelers.  It was really amazing!  The guy actually hit himself a few times and I cringed, but he just laughed it off and kept twirling! 

I loved this picture because it gave a pretty clear picture of him.  The other ones I took were overtaken by the fire, which was amazing, but I liked that this showed the person behind the fire!

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Aperature: f7.1 Shutter Speed: 30 sec.

I was on Ko Tao this weekend (which explains the lack of posts!), which is an absolutely beautiful island off the coast of my town.  It’s a jungle-like island with pristine beaches and wonderful hikes!  I thought of this idea when I was eating dinner and rushed back to my bungalow to attempt it.  I know the light on the left is bright, but I kind of liked how it gives it more of a “heavenly” feel, or the opposite. 

What do you think?

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