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A mother and her child making an offering at the Khoo Kongsi Temple

I spotted this moment at the Khoo Kongsi Temple in Penang, Malaysia.  A little girl and her mother are sharing a prayer together. It was during Chinese New Year so the beautiful temple was packed!  I was so lucky to get to see the excitement and celebration centered around the wonderful holiday!


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Fishing on the pier at Victory Beach, Sihanoukville

After soaking up the sun on Victory Beach in Sihanoukville, I ventured on to the pier where a group was fishing.  It was perfect timing because right when I approached a man and his son, the little boy started jumping up and down as the father was reeling in a big one.  The little boy of course “helped” and as the father pulled the fish out the boy could not contain his excitement.  He then modeled with the fish for a few snapshots.  It was so cute!!

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How many people do you see on this motorbike??

I have been wanting to capture a picture like this since I set foot in Thailand.  Since the first time I saw four people on a motorbike and thought that was a lot of people.  Well I’ve heard as many as eight can fit on a motorbike but unfortunately I have not been able to witness this.  I believe five is the most thais I have seen on a motorbike and if you counted five in this picture you are absolutely correct.  If you counted four, you missed the baby the woman in the back is carrying, yes a baby, and not only a baby, the little one looks like a newborn. 

Only in Thailand…

and I guess India…they’re just as crazy…

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On the bus waiting for the extremely slow moving bus driver to get his act together and take me to Surat Thani!

As I was waiting, as I found I do way too often while traveling in Thailand, I spotted this woman and her four children waiting on the bus as well.  I decided to start shooting the bus a little bit, because of course its not quite like the buses I have back in California (not that I really use any of them, the public transportation in LA is not the best).  I also do that so it doesn’t look as weird when I zero in on the people around the place I’m shooting.  Sometimes I even fake shots so that I can move my camera slightly to the left or right and frame the person of interest in the picture.  I unknowingly captured this scene and only saw the detail once I was scanning through the pictures on my camera.  Those are the best finds!!

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A father taking his daughter out to watch the river

I went out for a bike ride today and took pictures of an array of different topics, but this one was my favorite.  I was taking shots of the river and the reflections (there was even a kayak/boat in the water).  This man and I’m guessing his daughter pulled up and just sat and stared at the river.  It seemed as though he was taking his daughter out on a ride on the bike to just take in the peacfulness of the river in Lang Suan.  I loved the feeling I got from this man (even though he was staring at me awkwardly!).

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Aperature: f16 Shutter Speed:1/80 sec.

We decided to take a little field trip to Paknam Lang Suan today and I, once again, got lucky enough to see this adorable family walking on the beach.  They were playing in the sand and hugging each other.  Really just heartwarming, so I had to get a shot of them!!

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Aperature: f5.6 Shutter Speed: 1/60 sec.

A lot went into this picture.  Being one of the only white women in town, I get a little nervous walking around with my big camera.  I don’t want to be “that annoying farang.”  I have been really shy about using my camera, but when I went out today to get my picture I decided that I need to be more aggressive.  If they know me as the girl with the camera, then the girl with the camera won’t be as weird any more.  I just have to get there. 

I spotted these egg packers on my street and decided that they were good targets for my Daily Picture.  I started shooting them and when they noticed me they started smiling and dancing around.  Maybe this won’t be so bad.  I just hate to intrude on people’s privacy.  Well I thought I had had the shot and I was about to turn around to go into my house, when these three boys came sprinting down the street.  They are students at my school (not in any of my classes) and they always seem super excited to be coming home.  I wish I had waited a split second longer to snap the photo because the third boy would have been in the picture more, but the excitement on their faces is priceless.  Maybe I’ll try to capture them another day as well.

I’ve decided I need to be a little more forward with my photography, because I know I will get much better shots if I just get my nose into things.  I need to be careful not to offend anyone though!!

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