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A man hard at work on the Chao Phraya River

When I took my personal longtail boat ride through the channels of the Chao Phraya River (one of my favorite spots in Bangkok) I spotted this man hard at work.  I’m not exactly sure what he is hard at work doing, but nonetheless I thought this was interesting.


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Colorful textiles at the Chatuchak Market

Textiles at the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok (one of my favorite places in the city!).  I just loved all the colors!  The fabric doesn’t look like something I would want to wear though, maybe make some drapes out of it!

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Texting while selling peanuts

I couldn’t help myself with this picture.  A street merchant selling some sort of nuts while texting or searching on the internet on their smart phone.  Definitely a clash of the ages!!  Technology had taken over our lives!!

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No Rules

The most insane traffic I've seen in my life

I honestly don’t think there are any traffic regulations in Bangkok.  Everyone decides to merge whenever they feel like it and some don’t even look.  I’ve never truly feared for my life while in a car…until I took my first taxi ride in downtown.  The tuk tuk ride was even more exciting!!  I can’t believe I haven’t seen an accident yet!  I just loved the colors in this picture!

I got my International Driver’s License back in California from AAA.  There’s absolutely no way I will utilize it.  Thats fifteen dollars I’ll never see again!

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Count the kids in this Tuk Tuk!!

Much like my post earlier Count the Thais, this was one of my first “Only in Thailand” moments when I arrived in Bangkok.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I just wish I could have heard the conversation with the tuk tuk driver and these boys before they all piled in! (Not that I would have understood it!)

I’m not sure if you can see them all but there are TWELVE boys in this Tuk Tuk!!  It was so insane and as soon as I flashed a shot off they all turned around and smiled and waved!! What a way to be greeted!

I wonder how much their ride was… Whats 50 baht spit twelve ways?

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An interesting Statue at the hub of the Sky train in Siam Center

You can’t miss this thing.  And thats a perfect word for it: thing.  Because no one is quite sure what this is supposed to be a statue of.  Is it supposed to be a woman, a man, something futuristic, from space?  What in the world is it??  One thing we know is true, everyone wants to take a picture of it.  Because where else in the world would you see something this ridiculous at the hub of all major transportation?

I would love to hear your ideas on what this could be!

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The policemen ready and waiting

I thought I would include another picture from the protests since today was more of a travel day.  Once again, this was before the violence had broken out and the police were there merely as a formality.  They were laughing and joking around, texting and playing games on their cell phones, some were napping (standing and sitting), while others just stared blankly out of boredom. 

I’m sure these very policeman have seen action in the last few days, but as of that afternoon, it was just another day at the office.

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