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The Khoo Kongsi Altar

A different perspective of one of the altars at the Khoo Kongsi Temple.  The temple had a few different rooms with absolutely stunning decorations.  It was full of color and life.  It definitely seems like a perfect place to pray.


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A mother and her child making an offering at the Khoo Kongsi Temple

I spotted this moment at the Khoo Kongsi Temple in Penang, Malaysia.  A little girl and her mother are sharing a prayer together. It was during Chinese New Year so the beautiful temple was packed!  I was so lucky to get to see the excitement and celebration centered around the wonderful holiday!

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A young girl enjoying the ferry ride over to Penang

Penang, Malaysia is an island reachable by bridge or ferry.  When I took my minibus trip from Hat Yai to Penang, my driver decided to take the ferry!  What luck! I loved the relaxing trip over and got some great shots of a family enjoying the trip as well. 

Penang was one of the most diverse cities I have ever experienced.  Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Penang has it all.  And they seemlingly live in harmony, which was such an amazing thing to see!

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Locals enjoying a wonderful breakfast of Roti Canai

Roti Canai is an Indian Flatbread and it is delicious.  I have had it on a few other occasions in Penang, but Sin Kok wanted to bring me to the “real deal” at the Transfer Route in the Heritage area.  It is the most famous place to get roti canai in Penang and was a definite must go before I left for Kuala Lumpur.  I must say it was delicious and I felt like a local sitting on the benches sipping Teh Tarik (pull tea, a type of Indian milk tea) and devouring the most amazing roti canai. 

I’m going to miss it here!! But thank God I am leaving!  I eat way too much and I’m getting fat from all this delicious food!!

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One of the tombstones in the Chinese graveyard in Penang

We were driving back from the grocery store today when I spotted a Chinese graveyard and asked Sin Kok if we could go check it out.  He informed me that it is Ancient Chinese tradition to bury the dead on a hill (land restrictions have inhibited this practice to continue) and face the sea.  The hill was gorgeous and the tombstones were nothing like those in America.  They were all benches with space in front so that loved ones could offer fruit and other offerings to pay their respects.  The top of the hill looked over Penang and even though the day was a bit overcast, it was still a great view.   

One of the paths through the graveyard

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These people live IN the ocean on stilts! Incredible!

Today we explored the Traditional Clan Jetties, where houses were built on stilts to save money on land prices and taxes (if a house was built in the water the owner was exempt from land tax).  It was like another world around there.  The community seemed extremely tight knit, probably because the houses were so close together.  It was so interesting to look between the houses and see water and fish.  What an incredible way to live!  Some of the houses were actually pretty nice, while others were a little ragged (like this one), probably ones that hadn’t been remodeled for years.  I liked the older ones better because they fit the setting perfectly.  Its so exciting to see how different other people’s lives are!  Incredible!

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The beautiful lanterns in front of the Pagoda

I arrived in Penang, Malaysia today and had one of the best days!  I met up with my couchsurfing host and he took me exploring!  Because it is Chinese New Year, the Kek Lok Si Temple is the place to be at night.  They light up the lanterns, which people have donated and wished upon, only during this time of year so I was extremely lucky to witness it!  The temple is also known as Supreme Bliss Temple and it was absolutely breathtaking.  I was in awe of it every single turn we took and step we climbed.  It was so ornate and had entire walls that were carved from stone and large buddhas carved from wood.  It was incredible! 

Here is my blog post about my first day in Penang!

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