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Waiting for our train that was almost 5 hours late!! Only in Thailand!

These girls had the right idea!

Coming back from Singapore I decided to take the train back to Lang Suan from Hat Yai.  Bad idea.  Not only was the train late.  It was FIVE hours late and instead of getting in at 9:30 I arrived at 2 in the morning!  I was thankful that I had invested in the sleeper train instead of the 3rd class sitting train!! Well, I was thankful that that happened to be the only seat left!! At least I made it home after an extremely long day of waiting!! 


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An atypical uncrowded ride on the Singapore MRT

The Singapore MRT is usually a crowded mess.  People are fighting for spots to stand let alone stand.  It has also been a place where I have witnessed some great altruism.  On the walls, there are signs saying please give your seat up to the elderly, pregnant women, and the injured.  Honestly, in America, people would probably ignore these signs.  But on one of my many trips on the train, I observed, on a few different instances, youth giving up their seat to older people out of respect.  I thought this was amazing and it said a lot about the Chinese culture (the one’s I saw do this were all Chinese).

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A few girls taking a short cut across the tracks

These are the train tracks right next to my house.  I wasn’t feeling like a bike ride today so I decided to take a short walk to the tracks and lucked out with these three girls walking across the path.

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He seems to make all the girls swoon - right before he went on a girl ran up and gave him flowers and everyone was screaming, it was really like he was famous!

Suansriwittaya school hosted a Battle of the Bands today.  And it was quite the treat and one of the most entertaining sights I have seen in awhile.  I’m not sure how they were scored or even who the judges were (the guys that I thought were the judges got up and left during one band, could just be a Thai thing though), but I thoroughly enjoyed it and the sounds of screams and shouts of the students proved that they were enjoying it as well.  It would have been cool to see some of my students up on the stage, but as far as I know none of them performed.

All the students waiting for their favorite part so they can hop up and dance

The girls (and some boys) just hoping to get a touch of the lead singer's hand!

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