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My Air Asia plane that landed in a rain storm in Kuala Lumpur

I landed in Kuala Lumpur tonight to find pouring rain.  I knew that Air Asia always made you board outside at this airport (or scratch that, I had only experienced it once before) so I was wondering how they were going to get all the passengers out without making us soaking wet.  Well, they were prepared.  With many red umbrellas adorned with Air Asia on them.  This would have been the most opportune daily photo moment, lots of people huddling under bright red umbrellas rushing out of a plane to safety, but it would have been difficult to pull out my camera as I disembarked from the plane in the pouring rain.  So I figured I could get a shot of the plane in the pouring rain instead.


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The entrance to the Batu Caves

The last place on my agenda in Kuala Lumpur was the Batu Caves.  I had to take a 45-minute bus ride to get out there, which was a task in itself because I was advised in three entirely different directions by three different people on how to get to the bus.  On the way I realized that I was going to be cutting it close to catch my flight to Singapore, which gave me a small, constant anxiety.  I got there around 10:45 and gave myself about 45 minutes there (usually a visitor should take about 2 hours to explore the caves and surrounding areas), so I definitely rushed myself a bit, but I’m glad I went nonetheless.

The caves were enormous!  I had to climb flights and flights of stairs to get up to the first cave, where there were Indian statues, with water dripping and the sounds of bats coming from above.  Even though I had to rush a bit, it was quite the experience, but I definitely would advise spending more thank 45 minutes there!!

Note: I apologize for the sun flare on the side, I wish it wasn’t there, but the sun was so incredibly strong when I was there and I was unable to avoid it, even with my lens hood!!  I would advise going to the Batu Caves early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the harsh sun!

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In the Bukit Bintang courtyard before night fall

I have to admit that this shot was completely unintentional.  There were these three guys spray painted in green, silver, and gold standing in the courtyard at Bukit Bintang right when you get off the Monorail in KL.  These men stand perfectly still, much like the dancer at Venice Beach for you tuning in from California, but unlike their fellow California counterpart, they are just there to pose for pictures.  Note: On the Venice Beach boardwalk, the dancer, painted in all silver usually, stands perfectly still until a passerby drops money in his bucket.  He then will break into a dance proportionate in length to the amount donated.  Twenty Five cents typically only makes him dance for a few seconds or so whereas a dollar might give you a 30 second dance. 

I deduced that they would pose for personal photographs for about 2 RM, but I shot pictures of them anyways, along with everyone else on the street.  This picture shows the green man posing exactly like the billboard behind him!  I had to take a double take when I was perusing through the pictures on my camera.  It was utterly perfect placement of the two heads and his facial expression matches the watch model’s to a T.

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The Malaysia Federal Court Building at night

This is the Malaysia Federal Court Building located in the Putrajaya district of Kuala Lumpur, which houses all of Malaysia’s Federal buildings.  It was an incredible place and completely unlike any of the government buildings in the States.  I’m pretty sure our Ministry of Finance building does not take your breath away like Malaysia’s does.  Definitely a must see in Kuala Lumpur!

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