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A boy in the middle of a water fight

Happened to catch this little boy in the middle of a dangerous water fight!  You really have to be in good spirits for this holiday because let me tell you, getting constantly shot in the face by water, is not fun…until you shoot back!


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A young monk participating in Songkran

This is the one picture I wanted: a monk with a water gun.  Oh and I got it, amidst a fight with the said monk.  It was hilarious and so cute at the same time.  A few of them were timidly gathered by the moat, successfully filling up their water guns and buckets.  I of course let him shoot first and he also was not quite shooting when I took this picture, or he was shooting, but not exactly at me, definitely more of a pose just for the picture!  He was quite respectful of my naked camera!

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The wild party that is Songkran

Songkran is Thailand’s New Years (it is also celebrated in Cambodia and Laos as well).  It is three days, traditionally celebrated April 13-15, of an intense water fight.  Most shops are closed.  Everyone stops what they’re doing to pick up a water gun or a bucket and soak the person next to him.  Needless to say, this is the most insane holiday that I have ever encountered and why it has not been picked up by other countries is beyond me. 

I arrived to Chiang Mai early this morning and was informed that in Chiang Mai, the place to be for Songkran, the holiday starts early and that I better be prepared when I left the house for breakfast. 

It was a long day of being soaked, I didn’t grab a water gun yet so I had no way of defending myself, but it was a great day to just observe and plan my attack for the next day.

It was ABSOLUTELY insane!!!

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The policemen ready and waiting

I thought I would include another picture from the protests since today was more of a travel day.  Once again, this was before the violence had broken out and the police were there merely as a formality.  They were laughing and joking around, texting and playing games on their cell phones, some were napping (standing and sitting), while others just stared blankly out of boredom. 

I’m sure these very policeman have seen action in the last few days, but as of that afternoon, it was just another day at the office.

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A red shirt woman handing one of the policemen a red scarf

The red shirts are protesting/rioting in Bangkok at the moment.  I arrived in the city yesterday afternoon and did not see anything too out of the ordinary, but when we ventured out for breakfast this morning, a sea of red flooded the streets near the BTS station.

At lunchtime, we headed over to Subway near the Nana station and as we were eating our sandwiches, we watched the police come marching in to confront a line of red shirts.  Wishing we were outside, we just watched in awe from our second story position and within ten minutes or so the standoff was over.  This was unlike the one we were about to see a kilometer or so down the road.

We walked down to the Phloen Chit station where there seemed to be another standoff.  We stood between the line of red shirts and the line of policemen for awhile.  People were laughing and cheering and there really was no negative feeling in the air.  Behind the line of standing policemen, there were groups of police lounging, texting on their phones, playing cards, and pretty much anything they could do to pass the time.  It seemed like a super relaxed atmosphere (little did we know that later that night there would be bloodshed in the Khaosan Road area, the traveler’s hub).

Eventually the police retreated and cheers and roars were heard from the crowd.  I somehow caught this red shirt handing a red scarf to a policeman in one of the trucks and him gladly accepting it.  (Policemen or militarymen that support the red shirt cause are called watermelons – green on the outside, red on the inside).  It was quite the sight to see and definitely unlike anything I have ever experienced before!

I’m just glad I was nowhere near when violence the broke out!

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On the way to the BTS Station in Bangkok

This was before all the protests got ugly and they shut down the BTS, but it still looks super abandoned and it was only 7:30 at night!  So crazy!  I guess everyone was busy protesting!

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Surfboards at a shop on Poppies I in Kuta

I know I already posted a surfboard related picture already but I just loved this one too, so here it is!  There are countless shops on Poppies I and Poppies II in Kuta that are offering discount surfboards and rentals.  I love all the colors!

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