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Future Lovers

Two little lovebirds taking a stroll on the beach

While taking a stroll at Pak Nam, Lang Suan, I spotted these two children on their way to the water.  They could very well be brother and sister, but in my eyes, they’re future is already set.  They are going to be childhood sweethearts and grow old together… right??  Right.


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The most adorable boys who just wanted to smile for the camera!

(written on April 19) Today I explored Pai by motorbike!  It was my first time ever driving a motorbike and it was so much fun.  I got completely lost in the hills and somehow ended up on the road back to Chiang Mai.  After a full day of exploring, I ended up at a waterfall full of small children playing.  It was so much fun to watch the kids jump from immense heights and land in shallow water.  It made me cringe every time, but somehow they survived (I’m sure they’ve been doing it every day since they were born).

I sat atop one of the rocks and shot picture after picture of the boys airborne and landing in the water.  Soon enough, two of them came over and started posing for me.  They were the most adorable little boys and as soon as I would snap a picture, they would run over and check it out, laughing the entire time.  I got some amazing pictures and they got some good laughs!

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Count the kids in this Tuk Tuk!!

Much like my post earlier Count the Thais, this was one of my first “Only in Thailand” moments when I arrived in Bangkok.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I just wish I could have heard the conversation with the tuk tuk driver and these boys before they all piled in! (Not that I would have understood it!)

I’m not sure if you can see them all but there are TWELVE boys in this Tuk Tuk!!  It was so insane and as soon as I flashed a shot off they all turned around and smiled and waved!! What a way to be greeted!

I wonder how much their ride was… Whats 50 baht spit twelve ways?

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A boy in the middle of a water fight

Happened to catch this little boy in the middle of a dangerous water fight!  You really have to be in good spirits for this holiday because let me tell you, getting constantly shot in the face by water, is not fun…until you shoot back!

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A young monk participating in Songkran

This is the one picture I wanted: a monk with a water gun.  Oh and I got it, amidst a fight with the said monk.  It was hilarious and so cute at the same time.  A few of them were timidly gathered by the moat, successfully filling up their water guns and buckets.  I of course let him shoot first and he also was not quite shooting when I took this picture, or he was shooting, but not exactly at me, definitely more of a pose just for the picture!  He was quite respectful of my naked camera!

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A couple of Indonesian kids playing in the sand on Kuta

Relaxing on Kuta beach today, I spotted these two little boys playing in the sand.  The way they were staring out into the ocean and at the surfers made it look like they wished they could be out there too.  I have no doubt that these kids have tried surfing (I saw countless little Indonesian boys ripping the waves apart) and are in the water almost every day, but I just thought they were adorable!

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The girls putting on a little show just for the camera!

I had the chance to volunteer at a school construction site in Phnom Penh.  My couchsurfing host knew a guy that had decided to start up a school in a bad part of the capital city.  I jumped at the chance to help out and spent the day digging a huge ditch.  Isn’t that an amazing way to spend a day on vacation?  In the extremely hot sun, smashing a shovel into the ground.

Well, for me, it was.  It was so amazing to be a part of something bigger.  There were so many volunteers all doing the same thing I was doing and the atmosphere was indescribable.  Everyone helping each other to help the greater cause.  I loved it! 

It was located in a small village outside of town.  There were adorable little kids running around (we weren’t deceived though because apparently they have stolen some of Isaac’s tools the little rats) and I was able to get this shot of the girls playing around.  I unfortunately also got a shot of them dropping the girl in the picture, but I decided for the fun-filled photo instead.

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