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The Khoo Kongsi Altar

A different perspective of one of the altars at the Khoo Kongsi Temple.  The temple had a few different rooms with absolutely stunning decorations.  It was full of color and life.  It definitely seems like a perfect place to pray.


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A mother and her child making an offering at the Khoo Kongsi Temple

I spotted this moment at the Khoo Kongsi Temple in Penang, Malaysia.  A little girl and her mother are sharing a prayer together. It was during Chinese New Year so the beautiful temple was packed!  I was so lucky to get to see the excitement and celebration centered around the wonderful holiday!

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Some dilapidated Buddhas at Wat Chai Watthanaram

One of my favorite subjects in Thailand has been the Buddha. I have never seen the same one twice and especially in Ayuthayya there are the main attraction.  I loved walking through the ruins of Wat Chai Watthanaram in awe of the remnants.  Its just so crazy to think that a long time ago this used to be the capital of Thailand!

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The remnants of a Buddha at Wat Lokayasutha

The leftovers of what was once a Buddha at the great Wat Lokayasutha in Ayuthayya.

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A young monk participating in Songkran

This is the one picture I wanted: a monk with a water gun.  Oh and I got it, amidst a fight with the said monk.  It was hilarious and so cute at the same time.  A few of them were timidly gathered by the moat, successfully filling up their water guns and buckets.  I of course let him shoot first and he also was not quite shooting when I took this picture, or he was shooting, but not exactly at me, definitely more of a pose just for the picture!  He was quite respectful of my naked camera!

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A Buddha at a temple in Lang Suan

I finally made it to that temple in a cave today!  It was a beautiful, sunny (and HOT) day and my friend James and I decided to take a nice bike ride to the cave.  We rode through palm tree forests down a windy road that led to the temple.   There were multiple Buddhas in the cave/temple, but I liked this one the best.

More Pictures and details of the Temple HERE!!

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