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A couple of Indonesian kids playing in the sand on Kuta

Relaxing on Kuta beach today, I spotted these two little boys playing in the sand.  The way they were staring out into the ocean and at the surfers made it look like they wished they could be out there too.  I have no doubt that these kids have tried surfing (I saw countless little Indonesian boys ripping the waves apart) and are in the water almost every day, but I just thought they were adorable!


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One of the many surfboard stands on Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is lined with hundreds of surfboards and you can’t walk through the sand without being offered one.  I wasn’t quite up to venturing out of my comfort zone yet and attempting to surf for the first time in six years, and honestly for the first time ever really (the first couple times I learned to surf I was young, stubborn, and afraid to be under water and definitely came nowhere near standing up).

I vowed to myself that I would in fact rent a surfboard one of the days I was in Kuta.

I just had to work up the courage first.

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