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One of the huts in the rice terraces

The rice terraces of Jatileuwih have been nominated for UNESCO status and there’s a very good reason for that.  I have never seen more green in my life.  My eyes were on green overload.  I’m used to beautiful beaches and forests, but I’ve never seen anything like this: Rows and rows of rice terraces with a backdrop of a volcano-like mountain surrounded by blue sky and fluffy clouds. 

Could the place be any more picture perfect?

The scattered barns also made for a good subject.  Some had cows in them munching away on hay and some were made just to give the workers a place to rest in the shade when harvesting season comes along.  Either way, I loved everything about the place.


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The view of the Cambodia flag and the UNESCO World Heritage Flag through one of the Temples at Prasat Preah Vihear

I took a little day trip up to Prasat Preah Vihear today, and by little day trip, I mean over five hours there and almost 7 hours back (our driver decided to take multiple 30-minute breaks in a desperate attempt to find more passengers). 

But it was incredibly worth it.

The temple was amazingly beautiful and had stunning views of both Thailand and Cambodia (the temple is located right on the Thai-Cambodian border and has been a source of an ongoing border dispute for years). 

There’s nothing like the feeling that you are standing on the edge of the world.

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These people live IN the ocean on stilts! Incredible!

Today we explored the Traditional Clan Jetties, where houses were built on stilts to save money on land prices and taxes (if a house was built in the water the owner was exempt from land tax).  It was like another world around there.  The community seemed extremely tight knit, probably because the houses were so close together.  It was so interesting to look between the houses and see water and fish.  What an incredible way to live!  Some of the houses were actually pretty nice, while others were a little ragged (like this one), probably ones that hadn’t been remodeled for years.  I liked the older ones better because they fit the setting perfectly.  Its so exciting to see how different other people’s lives are!  Incredible!

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