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The Khoo Kongsi Altar

A different perspective of one of the altars at the Khoo Kongsi Temple.  The temple had a few different rooms with absolutely stunning decorations.  It was full of color and life.  It definitely seems like a perfect place to pray.


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A mother and her child making an offering at the Khoo Kongsi Temple

I spotted this moment at the Khoo Kongsi Temple in Penang, Malaysia.  A little girl and her mother are sharing a prayer together. It was during Chinese New Year so the beautiful temple was packed!  I was so lucky to get to see the excitement and celebration centered around the wonderful holiday!

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Some dilapidated Buddhas at Wat Chai Watthanaram

One of my favorite subjects in Thailand has been the Buddha. I have never seen the same one twice and especially in Ayuthayya there are the main attraction.  I loved walking through the ruins of Wat Chai Watthanaram in awe of the remnants.  Its just so crazy to think that a long time ago this used to be the capital of Thailand!

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The remnants of a Buddha at Wat Lokayasutha

The leftovers of what was once a Buddha at the great Wat Lokayasutha in Ayuthayya.

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The view of the Cambodia flag and the UNESCO World Heritage Flag through one of the Temples at Prasat Preah Vihear

I took a little day trip up to Prasat Preah Vihear today, and by little day trip, I mean over five hours there and almost 7 hours back (our driver decided to take multiple 30-minute breaks in a desperate attempt to find more passengers). 

But it was incredibly worth it.

The temple was amazingly beautiful and had stunning views of both Thailand and Cambodia (the temple is located right on the Thai-Cambodian border and has been a source of an ongoing border dispute for years). 

There’s nothing like the feeling that you are standing on the edge of the world.

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A couple hours before sunset at Angkor Wat

I began my tour of the Temples of Angkor with Angkor Wat and I decided that the best way to end it was right where it all began.  I also wanted to catch it in a different light (the first day I was there the sun was right behind the towers and it blew them all out) and was pleased with the warmness that the sun yielded in the late afternoon. 

Just disregard the green construction tarps on the towers please!

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The ruins of Preah Khan

Preah Khan was the last temple we visited today and even though we were exhausted, incredibly hot and maybe experiencing an inkling of what we called “Temple Fatigue”, we still were amazed by the beauty and power of these ruins.  The complex was a huge labyrinth of rock piles and secret rooms and corridors.  I felt like I took a picture every second and even that wasn’t enough!

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