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A fisherman at sunset on Kuta Beach

I’ve been at Kuta Beach for almost a week now and I only saw the sunset the first night.  I decided I definitely needed to change that so my friend and I took a nice walk down the beach to watch the sunset.  It was incredible and although some of the clouds were in the way a bit, I think it really added to sunset.  The colors were insane as well and I caught this fisherman getting a little fishing in before the last remnants of the light were gone.


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A couple of Indonesian kids playing in the sand on Kuta

Relaxing on Kuta beach today, I spotted these two little boys playing in the sand.  The way they were staring out into the ocean and at the surfers made it look like they wished they could be out there too.  I have no doubt that these kids have tried surfing (I saw countless little Indonesian boys ripping the waves apart) and are in the water almost every day, but I just thought they were adorable!

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One of the many surfboard stands on Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is lined with hundreds of surfboards and you can’t walk through the sand without being offered one.  I wasn’t quite up to venturing out of my comfort zone yet and attempting to surf for the first time in six years, and honestly for the first time ever really (the first couple times I learned to surf I was young, stubborn, and afraid to be under water and definitely came nowhere near standing up).

I vowed to myself that I would in fact rent a surfboard one of the days I was in Kuta.

I just had to work up the courage first.

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These people live IN the ocean on stilts! Incredible!

Today we explored the Traditional Clan Jetties, where houses were built on stilts to save money on land prices and taxes (if a house was built in the water the owner was exempt from land tax).  It was like another world around there.  The community seemed extremely tight knit, probably because the houses were so close together.  It was so interesting to look between the houses and see water and fish.  What an incredible way to live!  Some of the houses were actually pretty nice, while others were a little ragged (like this one), probably ones that hadn’t been remodeled for years.  I liked the older ones better because they fit the setting perfectly.  Its so exciting to see how different other people’s lives are!  Incredible!

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On the Beach of Ko Jum

This guy must live for Frisbee.  I came upon him and Alan throwing the frisbee around for twenty minutes or so and then he was called for dinner.  Alan went to go take a nap, and soon enough he comes running out with his frisbee looking for more action.  He asks me if my friend is around and I told him he might be later.  The interaction had the feeling of “Can Alan come out to play?!”  It was so cute!  He proceeded to throw the frisbee around with himself for awhile, a feat that I had no idea was possible, but with this guy armed with a frisbee, anything is possible. 

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Aperature: f11 Shutter Speed: 1/320

I like to think that my life is like a Corona Commercial.  And if you haven’t seen a Corona Commercial, well to sum it up, they typically look a little something like this, Tropical Paradise: Palm trees and crystal, clear, blue water.   Of course, the thing that is missing is my laying in a lawnchair sipping a Corona, but trust me, there was plenty of that going on, well, not Corona, Beer Chang (only Thailand’s finest).

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