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A fisherman trolling through the river in Pai

(written April 16, 2010) I arrived in Pai today and decided to take a walk along the river.  I was expecting something a little bigger, but I guess this would have to do since it is in fact the dry season.  I spotted this fisherman trolling for dinner a little before sunset.


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The most adorable boys who just wanted to smile for the camera!

(written on April 19) Today I explored Pai by motorbike!  It was my first time ever driving a motorbike and it was so much fun.  I got completely lost in the hills and somehow ended up on the road back to Chiang Mai.  After a full day of exploring, I ended up at a waterfall full of small children playing.  It was so much fun to watch the kids jump from immense heights and land in shallow water.  It made me cringe every time, but somehow they survived (I’m sure they’ve been doing it every day since they were born).

I sat atop one of the rocks and shot picture after picture of the boys airborne and landing in the water.  Soon enough, two of them came over and started posing for me.  They were the most adorable little boys and as soon as I would snap a picture, they would run over and check it out, laughing the entire time.  I got some amazing pictures and they got some good laughs!

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Road into the Jungle

I didn’t take this picture today.  It was actually from an earlier batch of daily shots but since I’m leaving to Ko Jum later today and won’t be able to post pictures for the next four or five days I decided to post a pic I just worked on real quick!

This is a street off of one of the main high way roads in Lang Suan.  It leads to a temple in a cave (which I didn’t make it to because it looked like it was going to rain and I turned back so not to ruin my camera).  This is the first pic I took thinking, I want to turn this infrared, and I feel like it came out real nice!

Let me know what you think!

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