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Trying to get away from the madness of Songkran

(written on April 15, 2010) Today is officially the last day of Songkran.  I don’t know if Chiang Mai will stop the festivities, but I know that today was my last day of the most insane holiday in the world.  There seemed to be a little less insanity today, maybe fewer people on the streets, or people were just Songkran’ed out, but it was still super fun.

The moats were still full of people filling up their buckets and waterguns and really, they were just full of people.  There’s no difference between swimming and the moat and walking the streets, because the water that you are soaked in is 100% moat water (apparently Chiang Mai does a really good job of keeping the waters somewhat clean and sanitary).  I caught these two boys lounging on an innertube away from the madness.  That’s the way to do it!!


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The wild party that is Songkran

Songkran is Thailand’s New Years (it is also celebrated in Cambodia and Laos as well).  It is three days, traditionally celebrated April 13-15, of an intense water fight.  Most shops are closed.  Everyone stops what they’re doing to pick up a water gun or a bucket and soak the person next to him.  Needless to say, this is the most insane holiday that I have ever encountered and why it has not been picked up by other countries is beyond me. 

I arrived to Chiang Mai early this morning and was informed that in Chiang Mai, the place to be for Songkran, the holiday starts early and that I better be prepared when I left the house for breakfast. 

It was a long day of being soaked, I didn’t grab a water gun yet so I had no way of defending myself, but it was a great day to just observe and plan my attack for the next day.

It was ABSOLUTELY insane!!!

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