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Approaching a hilltribe village on a trek through the mountains of Pai

(written on April 18, 2010) On the second day of our trek, we headed into another village.  After hiking through the jungle for an hour or two, we approached the first village, which was surrounded by a wooden fence.  One of the coolest sights is hiking up and down mountains and then sighting a village seemingly in the middle of nowhere!


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A group hiking around the opening of the crater at Mt. Batur

My friend Stephanie and I went on a night hike to Mount Batur, an active volcano, early this morning to see the sunrise.  We woke up around 2 AM and began hiking around 4 AM in complete darkness.  It was one of the most incredible things I have ever done!  We were the first ones to the top and thus had prime seats to witness the beautiful sunrise over the other volcanoes.

A few days earlier, a Swedish man fell into the volcano, probably doing something stupid, and died, so naturally we weren’t allowed to explore a little further, but I took a pic of these hikers who had opted for the long day of hiking (of course, going around the dangerous area the Swede encountered).

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Rubber Trees on Ko Jum

On the hike into town, the path meanders past multiple rubber tree farms.  Last time I was here, the gates were closed and I wasn’t into intruding in a country where I’ll have no idea what they’re yelling.  This time, they were open.  So I figured they were just inviting me in anyways. 

I have been meaning to start fiddling around with White Balance and thought this was a great place to do it.  Using the Cloudy white balance setting, I was able to get the true feeling of the forest, somewhat heavenly or fantasylike.  I loved it!  I’m going to keep playing around with white balance more!

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