Waterfall Models

The most adorable boys who just wanted to smile for the camera!

(written on April 19) Today I explored Pai by motorbike!  It was my first time ever driving a motorbike and it was so much fun.  I got completely lost in the hills and somehow ended up on the road back to Chiang Mai.  After a full day of exploring, I ended up at a waterfall full of small children playing.  It was so much fun to watch the kids jump from immense heights and land in shallow water.  It made me cringe every time, but somehow they survived (I’m sure they’ve been doing it every day since they were born).

I sat atop one of the rocks and shot picture after picture of the boys airborne and landing in the water.  Soon enough, two of them came over and started posing for me.  They were the most adorable little boys and as soon as I would snap a picture, they would run over and check it out, laughing the entire time.  I got some amazing pictures and they got some good laughs!


A marriage ceremony in a hilltribe village

(written on April 17, 2010) I went on my first hilltribe trek today in the mountains of Pai.  I was extremely excited to finally get some hiking in and see the villages in the heart of Northern Thailand.  I booked a trip with one of the local tour guides and when we arrived at the first village, he informed us that his friend’s sister was getting married and that we would be able to see the ceremony!  So incredibly cool!

They let us into the marriage house and told us that we were also allowed to take pictures!  Perfect timing!  I poked my head in and caught the moment where the two loverbirds were getting their hands bound together to symbolize the lifelong commitment they were about to embark on.

Such an amazing experience!

The Watchers

Some dilapidated Buddhas at Wat Chai Watthanaram

One of my favorite subjects in Thailand has been the Buddha. I have never seen the same one twice and especially in Ayuthayya there are the main attraction.  I loved walking through the ruins of Wat Chai Watthanaram in awe of the remnants.  Its just so crazy to think that a long time ago this used to be the capital of Thailand!

Something’s Missing

The remnants of a Buddha at Wat Lokayasutha

The leftovers of what was once a Buddha at the great Wat Lokayasutha in Ayuthayya.

Hard at Work

A man hard at work on the Chao Phraya River

When I took my personal longtail boat ride through the channels of the Chao Phraya River (one of my favorite spots in Bangkok) I spotted this man hard at work.  I’m not exactly sure what he is hard at work doing, but nonetheless I thought this was interesting.

An Array of Colors

Colorful textiles at the Chatuchak Market

Textiles at the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok (one of my favorite places in the city!).  I just loved all the colors!  The fabric doesn’t look like something I would want to wear though, maybe make some drapes out of it!

Clash of the Ages

Texting while selling peanuts

I couldn’t help myself with this picture.  A street merchant selling some sort of nuts while texting or searching on the internet on their smart phone.  Definitely a clash of the ages!!  Technology had taken over our lives!!